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Welkom bij Cracking the Code of Behavior & Communication met Ivonne van Eeten. Wereldwijd pijnigen mensen hun hersenen om een manier te vinden om de beste versie van zichzelf te zijn. Tegenwoordig kun je voor vrijwel alles wel bij een coach terecht, maar als het gaat om het begrijpen van je eigen gedrag en het effect daarvan op een ander is de vraag of de coaching effectief is en of de gebruikte methodieken werken. Ik gebruik een bewezen systeem genaamd Cracking the Code en een methodiek die ik Codering noem. Sluit je aan en leer hoe je de code van je eigen gedrag kunt kraken. 

Episode Descriptions 

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Personal Power: Bringing Out Your Inner Hero!

We see heroes everywhere. We see them in the movies, video games, novels or comic books. But whether we realize it or not, there are heroes even in our every day life — just not dressed up in latex fighting crime all over the world. There are also heroes within each one of us, ready to be unleashed. Even small things like passion, determination, focus, enthusiasm, empathy, kindness, persuasiveness can make you a hero in someone else’s eyes. Find out why and how stepping into your personal power and releasing your inner hero matters! 

Miscommunication: what goes WRONG in your brain…

Our conversation today is all about miscommunication. Most of us aren’t very good at listening. Most of us aren’t very good at saying what we mean –both verbally and non-verbally. It all starts in your brain. How are your communicating skills? Maybe they are not so good as you might think. Do you think everyone actually understands what you are trying to tell them? Do you feel understood? Do your communications result in the outcomes you want? If we’re honest with ourselves, the answer is, probably not. Here’s the fact: almost 90% do not communicate clearly. Chances are you are miscommunicating. Find out how to change that!

Learning How to See from Someone who is Blind

All of us fall into a black hole sometimes. Maybe it is because of depression, the loss of a loved one, a job, or a divorce. Hear this riveting story of a man named Peter Meuleman (Aliona) who is literally going blind, but has learned to see – and from him, learn how you, too, can step out of that dark place into the light. A truly inspiring story of Peter Meuleman. 

Being Kind to One Another – Why Playfulness Matters in Our Everyday Life

Chances are you know someone who is troubled and has problems. Our conversation today is about acts of kindness that can make life a bit more easy and manageable. Today we are going to talk with Jeroen Jonk (Innergame) about the international child humanitarian organization Right To Play. Although Jeroen works specifically with this organization, the show is about much more. We are going to show you the impact of play and paying it forward in our daily lives. Even little things can enrich our lives as well as help others. This is something that makes you feel like your life is valuable. Learn how to engage in life in a way that makes you smile and feel good and makes you productive and want to be out in the world. Look after yourself. Look after one another. 

What Positive and Negative Impact does to Your Brain – and Why Water Matters

We all know that both positive and negative input and behavior not only have emotional and psychological effects on our lives, but there is also evidence that they may affect us physically. It is easy to see, for instance, that constant negative input can cause depression, low self-esteem and make us more prone to disease. Today we are going to talk about the experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto who tried to show the effects that supportive or negative input may have on water itself and how water might be influenced by human behavior. Science tells us that the human body is composed of between 60-80% water. Every cell in our brain contains water. It makes you wonder what our own thoughts and the information taken in from others can do to our brains. We end with a wonderful story about the kind of impact positive reinforcement can have on every single one of us.

Going Unplugged and getting Empowered through Introspection

Every now and then we all feel a bit low in our energy. Somehow we feel trapped in our work, our relationship or our current situation. We get anxious, cranky, stressed, or overwhelmed. Our mind gets cluttered and we are NOT showing our best possible behavior anymore. Our conversation today is about finding ways to clear our mind, to recharge our energy level and finding pure moments of joy. Let’s get re-energized and empowered!

Surviving and Thriving Loneliness: Reflecting on the glimmers of hope in your life

There is an assumption that everybody feels great during the holidays. It is supposed to be so happy; It is supposed to be so good. Yet sometimes, things don’t turn out that way. Many people feel especially lonely during the holidays. There is a lot of pressure – even on people with a lot of people in their lives – to feel happy. Sometimes that pressure results in the exact opposite reaction, depression. With this end of the year show, I want to reach out to those of you who are struggling with a disease, a depression, loneliness or sadness. Perhaps together, we can bring some light into the dark winter days!

Seeing is Not always Believing

We all live in a visual world. Every waking moment our eyes and brains are working overtime to make sense of the constant stream of information pouring in. This raises the question: How observant are we? What clues do we miss in our daily interactions? Today’s show is all about teaching you playful ways to look at the world with new eyes. And to give attention to what is actually happening around you.

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