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Welcome, I am Ivonne van Eeten (1982), MSc., behavioral analyst and coach at Ivonne's Coaching & Codering. I am looking forward to guide you to learn to stand up for yourself and be visible, vocal and valued!


From frustration to inspiration

From experience I have learned that self-knowledge, awareness, personal leadership and resilience are indispensable in order to be effective and to achieve personal goals. At age 18 I struggled with a skin disease. My whole world was upside down and I was in a pretty dark hole. I no longer was the main character in my own life. Lots of frustration, irritation, anger, despair. Putting up a brick wall as a protection mechanism. After two years living in isolation I realized this could not go on anymore and that I had to take action. I was wondering: is this all there is in life? Do I like the way my life is unfolding?  

Thanks to good people who crossed my path I became motivated to take action and get a grip on my situation and future. This triggered the question: why do people do what they do and what’s the effect on themselves and others? Everything we encounter in life is something we can learn from. How something appears is always a matter of perspective. Thanks to good guidance I managed to do some deeper introspection and realised like Buddha says: “there are no obstacles on our path, these obstacles are our path”. This process taught me that - in order to enjoy life and bring back my sparkle - I needed to shine again. For this I needed to bring down my brick wall of emotional isolation and open myself up. Take matters into my own hands and pick up the thread where I had left. Just do it.

I was so motivated and dedicated to go to Tilburg University and study Leisure Studies. My skin, bandages, gloves and my battered appearance were for me though, no issue. I was so grateful that I could go to college. My mentor and fellow students made me realise that I was very effective in establishing connections where someone else does not see the link. At university I learned to think in a creative way and establish linkages. My fearless attitude inspired others to look at a specific situation from a different angle. Thanks to these aha moments I could bring synergy in my interactions and those of others.

After completing my Master's Degree at the University of Tilburg, I gained several years’ hands-on experience at Jonk Coaching. Here my interest in observing and analysing behaviour, social interactions and (non) verbal communication was fueled. What prevents someone to make an effective connection to themselves and other people? In 2011 I set up for myself and I opened Ivonne’s Coaching & Codering to provide in-depth help for others to learn to stand up for themselves and be visible, vocal and valued! Here I experienced how I can use my enthusiasm and expertise to let others accelerate and excel. To help them breakthrough their own isolation and bottlenecks. This makes me happy and feel good. Through deep coaching interventions I make a difference worldwide so that people regain the sparkle in their eyes.

My motto is: Help  someone today is helping many along the way! 

You cannot stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf.
John Kabat-Zinn
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