Personal Profile with Personal Feedback Call (1on1)

Do you have trouble with the phenomenon of assessments and are you looking for a surefire foundation for self-understanding, personal growth, work joy and sustainable employability?

Just shoot me a message so we can arrange a personal profile with a personal feedback session.

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A selection of raves...

Remarkably striking and that in just one and a half hour. In the past I have done assessments and interviews with psychologists, but that brought me nothing concrete. Under the expert guidance of Ivonne I immediately have a better self-image and I understand what my  pitfalls are and how I can deal with them effectively. Incredibly good!


The profile is not black and white; there are so many nuances that Ivonne knows exactly how to indicate. Her explanation of how things are put together is very useful and talking about it together adds tremendous value to such a profile.


Ivonne’s individual feedback is illuminating. The conclusions just add up. During our talk the penny has dropped. Now I understand how I come across to others in my (work)environment and how I can deal most effectively with myself and with my colleagues. Highly recommended!


The feedback by Ivonne makes all the difference. Never thought that within an hour and a half I could have a blueprint of who I am, what I am good at and where my weaknesses are. Very inspiring, thanks.


How does it work?

After registration you receive an invitation by email to fill in the online questionnaire (max. 30 min).

Based on this your unique personal profile will be generated. 

During a nuanced feedback session you get personal feedback of who you are as a person, where your personal strength is and what potential pitfalls and challenges may look like (max. 1,5 hours).

Also you receive an explanatory book for reference.

Afterwards you are able to apply the acquired knowledge and insights directly in practice.

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