Personal Development Program (1 on 1)

Phase 1. Foundation Platform Building.

Fresh perspective at your motivations, interest and your appearance.

We create a crystal clear vision of Your True You and we go in to the bottlenecks.

We (re)discover your strengths, what motivates, challenges or blocks you in the relationship with yourself, colleagues, partner or family.

We investigate the hidden messages behind your non-verbal communication.

We build your platform to (re)discover your qualities and to build your self-confidence so you get back your strength and confidence again.

You will leave the sessions inspired to be visibly confident and put your future life on target in the direction that you want!

Phase 2. Deepening your Awareness.

Building on the insights and aha moments of phase 1.

We unravel inner frictions, conflicts and unproductive behavior patterns.

We make you more aware of the positives that you do already. I teach you how to work with your blind spots so that you don't undermine yourself in certain situations.

I reach you new insights, strategies and choices to be more effective and more productive with your thoughts, feedback, emotions, fears and stress.

You will leave the sessions with more satisfaction, energy, confidence, inner peace, focus and overview to start your day more productively, more effectively and more energetically.

Phase 3. Continuity. Strengthening your Growth Path.

Building on the insights and aha moments of phase 1 and 2. Go from thinking to actually doing.

Now we don’t have to search anymore, now it’s time to find. This gives instant new meaning, clarity, direction and purpose in your life and provides the foundation for your personal leadership.

We'll uncover the real causes which are sabotaging your success with being visible, vocal and valued. We'll resolve those and enable you to be inspired and unconstrained in life.

I help you to free yourself up from drama, self-doubt, anxiety, fears and insecurities.

Our work helps you to have a relaxed future focus and to finally get the respect you secretly crave!

You cannot stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf.
John Kabat-Zinn
Feeling stuck?

I help you to get a grip on your situation!

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