Masterclass Assertiveness, Stress and Personal Leadership (incl. personal profile and feedback call)

The Masterclass Assertiveness, Stress and Personal Leadership gives a kick start to your self-image, confidence and persuasiveness.

Knowing who you are, what you want, what your strengths are and how to make that visible is the foundation to success.

When passion, talents and inner drives become one, then you become in your element!

Do your interactions usually run a bit rough?

Do you feel unacknowledged by colleagues, partner or family members?

Are stress, resistance, anxiety and stress very familiar to you?

Do you want to be more assertive and get your life on target in the direction that you want, but you don’t know how?

Do you want to boost your self-worth and develop resilience to go forwards accurately?

Then this Masterclass is the Solution!

During this Masterclass we (re)discover your strengths, blind spots and inner drives.

I will provide you with insights, strategies and choices to upgrade the quality of your relations with yourself, colleagues, partner or family members once and for all.

Let me help you to be behind yourself and be visible, vocal and valued!

“Help someone today is helping many along the way!”

Prior to the Masterclass Assertivity, Stress and Personal Leadership…

You get a link to the online questionnaire (max. 30 min).

You get a personal explanation  (1 on 1) about your profile during a feedback call (1 hour).

Possibility of support by phone or email.

Masterclass: 9.30-17.00.

Small groups, learning from and with each other

Max. 8 participants.

You cannot stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf.
John Kabat-Zinn
Feeling stuck?

I help you to get a grip on your situation!

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